Run the system

Products enter the system and travel via the conveyors. When a product hits the sensor, the door should open, letting the product through. The speed of the conveyor may need to be adjusted in order for the door to open fast enough to let the first product to pass. Alternatively you can adjust the distance between the sensor and the door.

Conclusion and Further Studies

You have now built your first system from start to finish. Compared to an industrial system it is very simple, as are the components used. However the basic principles for building, connecting ports and modeling the interactions between components scale and you are now ready to work with more complex systems and components

This is an exercise built to get experience working with the application and getting a feel for how systems work. It can be experimented with, by changing how the door is operated, for example through a PLC. 

Currently, the door opens a little bit each time a duck passes the sensor. Can you modify the system to stop opening the door any further after the first duck has passed? Maybe try expanding the system by adding a second sensor that closes the door when activated?

As systems grow bigger, the need for structure increases. Simumatik  has developed a set of guidelines and best practices to manage larger projects. The guidelines are described in another academy module and is the next natural step on your way to master modeling in Simumatik.

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