Conveyors are used to transport the products in the system. The standard library provides different types of conveyors and conveyor guides that can be combined to form a path for the products. The backbone of the Toy System is a set of conveyors used to transport the product.

Conveyors operate by the motor connected to the motor_axis port. Place two or three medium sized conveyors in a row and attach AC motors to each of them. Remember that ports can only have one input, so the connection needs to be done from the side of the connected component. The phases of the motors need to be connected to the industrial socket for power.


Electric motor connected to a conveyor.
Conveyor motor axis port
Motor industrial socket connections


The door should physically block the conveyor when it is closed. Place it at the end of one of the conveyors as depicted in the blueprint and connect a motor to the door. 

Product Entry and Exit

Products are objects typically used to represent something manufactured or handled through the system. Products enter the system at a specified point called product_entry, and exit through product_exit. The product settings are reachable from the assembly menu and lets you set different parameters on which rate they will appear in the workspace, and a model representing them. Products are components themselves and may have attributes such as mass and different collision models.

You have now created the physical infrastructure for the system. The next step is to add the logic