Power Sources

A new workspace in Simumatik is always empty from components. The only existing element is the floor, which handles collisions so that object doesn’t fall through. Several of the components need power to operate, which means we have to add power outlets for the different kind of power requirements the components of the system have. The motors connected to the door and conveyors need power for torque. The photoelectric sensor needs power to operate, and the motor contactor needs electricity both for the control signal and power that it can relay to the motor operating the door..

The standard library provides different components used to supply power. For aesthetic reasons they may be placed in a electric box or similar container.


Power Supplies

The photoelectric sensor is powered by a standard 24V DC power supply. This is also used to control the contactor. 

The conveyors are powered by an industrial 3-phase socket. The socket also powers the electric motors.