Basic tutorial 4 : Pneumatic circuits


System description

The system includes an assembly consisting of a table with a compressor, a single-acting cylinder, a double-acting cylinder, two manual 3/2 way directional valves, and a manual 5/3 way directional valve.

Build a basic circuit

The first basic circuit you are going to build is the one represented in the diagram below.

The pneumatic compressor ‘COMPRESSOR’ will be directly connected to the single-acting cylinder ‘C01’. ‘COMPRESSOR’ has a pneumatic output port called ‘out’, connect it directly to ‘C01’ input port ‘p1’.

Start emulation

The basic circuit is now ready to test. We should expect that the cylinder will expand when the emulation is started. Click on start and see if it works.

You can inspect the ‘COMPRESSOR’ and ‘C01’ port values to see that the values are transferred.

If you reset the emulation the components will be reset and the cylinder will go back to its retracted position.

Modify the circuit

Now we are going to add the ‘Y01’ 3/2 way directional valve to the circuit, between the ‘COMPRESSOR’ and ‘C01’ components so we can manually activate the cylinder when we press the pushbutton on the valve.

Set the ‘COMPRESSOR.out’ port to the ‘p1’ input port of the ‘Y01’ valve and you can leave the ‘p3’ port on the air like in the diagram. Then set the ‘C01’ input port ‘p1’ to the output port ‘p2’ of the ‘Y01’ valve. ‘Y01’ port connections should look like the following:

If you emulate the system now, you can press the button on ‘Y01’ and ‘C01’ will expand. And when you release the button, it will automatically retract.