B&R Automation Studio, Integration


Time to play!

After transferring the Automation Studio program, let’s open a tutorial system in Simumatik to make sure everything is working properly. Start by loading the “PLC Tutorial 5: Turning conveyor” system. Then make sure that the Gateway is connected by pressing the “Connect Gateway” icon in the toolbar. For information about how to configure the gateway, please refer to our Gateway installation guide.

In case the port number in Automation Studio is changed to 4841 as in the example, you will need to click on your PLC component (in the ‘Control’ assembly) and change the url in setup_params to opc.tcp://localhost:4841. Make sure that the driver_type is set to opcua_client.

Now you can click on play and the status of the PLC will change to ‘RUNNING’. This means that the PLC component is communicating properly with Automation Studio.

Now when we drop a product from the Product Entry, the first conveyor will start moving as long as the sensor is activated. This is because we connected the first sensor directly to the output controlling the first conveyor. This result means that everything is working properly. 

Feel free to try the system out and build a more complex program. Below is a complete IO list of the system. The list along with additional drawings are also available as assets in the system, press the three dots to the right of the system and then ‘view’ to see all assets.

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Thank you!