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More experiments

Time to play!

Now it’s time to play and build your configurations using the different buttons and lamps you have in the system. Use the same method as we did before, following the circuit diagrams to make the connections between components in the workspace.

Example 1:

In this circuit, the buttons ‘S01’ and ‘S02’ each control their own button. The expected result is that pressing ‘S01’ turns on the light ‘H01’, and the same with ‘S02’ and ‘H02’. Keep in mind that the ‘S01’ button is momentary meaning it will only stay on for as long as it is pressed, and the ‘S02’ button is maintained meaning it will stay in one state until pressed again. The different button types are shown with different symbols in the 

Example 2:

This circuit can be built by modifying the one above. In this example, the ‘S03’ button and ‘H03’ light are connected in series with the ‘S02’ button. The expected result is still that the ‘H02’ light will turn on when the ‘S02’ button is active, but the ‘H03’ light will only turn on when both ‘S02’ AND ‘S03’ are active at the same time.

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