4. Building a station

Building a station

At this point you probably need to walk through the library and check the different components we have prepared for you. But before you decide how many stations you are going to build and the components you will use, we will make some modifications together.

Modifying the base station

We will add a ramp and modify the position of the product entry first.

Then we will add a button so we can easily spawn tin cans in the system.

Finally we are going to add a rotating pneumatic actuator and a hook to stop the cans. This will require adding a few more components in the control box, like an auxiliary relay and a 5/2 directional valve. Try to make the connections by yourself.

Program a sequence

With the changes we have made, program the station so when a new can is dropped on the ramp, it falls down, and moves from sensor B01 to B02. The hook should be activated before the can arrives at B02 to ensure a correct stop. After some seconds in B02, the hook should retract and the can should move forward and pass B03. The next can can only move from B01 to B02 when the previous one has left B03.