5. Build a complete production line

Build a complete production line

Do you feel you are ready to build your own production line? Here we have some inspiration and ideas to help you in the process. 


The ramps can be used as a buffer in the entry station. Here, two cylinders on each ramp are making sure that only one product passes at a time. 

Soup dispenser

The soup dispenser has two tanks, one with goulash and one with bean soup. The nozzle can be lowered while filling the product. The tanks have built-in sensors that give a voltage between 0 to 10V depending on the level of each tank.

Lid sealer

The lid sealer has a built-in lid dispenser with a maximum storage of 10 lids. The sealer can be lowered and started by activating electric inputs. It gives the current level of the lid storage as a voltage signal between 0 to 10V.

Packaging station

You can build a packaging station using a robot, or like in this example, by connecting linear ball screw actuators. The actual position of each axis can either be sent to the PLC by using limit switches (like in the example below), or by using the analog output signal from the ball screw actuators.

Time to play!

These are just some examples, you set the limits with your imagination and your skills. You can build the production line by yourself or together with some colleagues, using one or several PLCs and robots.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on getting started with production line building! Head over to our Community Forum to discuss system building, get inspiration or support!

Thank you!