This part will introduce the exercise for this tutorial, together with some handy tips to think about when developing the robot program. Remember that in order to take part in this part of the tutorial, you need to have completed the previous parts of this tutorial and have basic knowledge in FANUC TP programming.

Exercise: Can transportation loop

In this exercise you should develop a FANUC TP program in ROBOGUIDE that transports a can through the station according to the illustration shown below. After the can arrives in the bottom stock again, the transportation process should repeat.

You spawn the can at the bottom stock manually through product_entry.

All In- and Output signals are already connected to the robot controller, as described and tested out in previous tutorial part. To make it easier to utilize the signals in your robot program, refer to the I/O list available to download in the Simumatik system Assets.

Keep the following tips in mind when developing the robot program:

To loop a function, you could use the label function, i.e. LBL[1] and JMP LBL[1]

Sometimes one part of the system needs to wait for another, the Wait function could then be useful i.e. WAIT DI[1]=ON

To control components in the Simumatik station use Digital Outputs, i.e. DO[1]=ON

If you want to run two robot programs simultaneously, you can use the RUN function.