In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate Simumatik with the FANUC ROBOGUIDE software and get started using the FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot. The tutorial includes how to setup the communication between the Simumatik Gateway and ROBOGUIDE, for both robot axis data and I/O signals, as well as a practical exercise to try out your FANUC programming skills using the Simumatik workspace. The following will be covered:


A brief introduction of the Simumatik system, Tutorial: Fanuc Roboguide, used for this tutorial.

Integration setup

Step-by-step guide on how to prepare a new ROBOGUIDE cell which is able to integrate with the Simumatik station, communicating both robot motion and I/O signals.

Using multiple Roboguide instances

Step-by-step guide on how to launch multiple Roboguide instances and integrate them into Simumatik.


Description of the exercise for this tutorial, creating a program in ROBOGUIDE that performs a task in Simumatik.


Conclusion of the tutorial and suggestions on further experiments and studies.


In this part, we will have a look at the Simumatik station that will be used for this tutorial, named Tutorial: Fanuc Roboguide. The station’s function will be explained together with an illustration.

The Station

Tutorial: Fanuc Roboguide is a simple station in the Simumatik app whose purpose is to transport a can from the top of a ramp to a stock placed at the bottom of the station, and then repeat the process. A FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot, linear actuator and cylinder is used to achieve this goal, together with two ramps. See an illustration of the station’s function in the .gif below:

In the Tutorial: Fanuc Roboguide station’s Assets, you will find a number of key I/O configurations that will later be utilized through the ROBOGUIDE software to monitor and control the Simumatik station.