Using multiple roboguide instances
Using multiple roboguide instances

If a system is using multiple Fanuc robots and both are to be integrated into Simumatik, there are settings in the robot controller to allow for communication with different ports. If only one instance of Roboguide is to be used, the default value “default” can be used.

To find the different port numbers for the Roboguide instances a tool called Robot Neighborhood will be used. Start this program before starting Roboguide. And then start Roboguide and load your workcells.

Robot Neighborhood shows a list of Roboguide systems, where we can find the running system’s port number. Press details for the work cell you want to know the port number for:

Then press show port status:

Then search for the Robot IF Server port number:

Set that port number for the corresponding robot controller in Simumatik:

When all the multiple robots are connected with the right port numbers the gateway can be started and the emulation started, and the robots in Simumatik will mimic the movements from their Roboguide couplings.