Extra steps to improve results

Extra steps to improve results

Let’s take a look at some extra steps that can be performed to optimize the model further. If the model has a high triangle count, follow the first list of instructions. If the model has a high number of draw calls, follow the second list of instructions.

Prepare model for better decimation results

These steps should fix any shading and decimation issues.

  1. Select the object, press CTRL + A, and choose ‘Scale’

  2. Right-click and select ‘Shade Smooth’

  3. In the property panel (bottom right) select the tab with this symbol  Under ‘Normals’ make sure that ‘Auto Smooth’ is checked

  4. Enter edit mode (press TAB), press A to select all vertices, then press M and choose ‘By Distance’, the default value should be fine.

  5. Now press TAB to go out of edit mode. Then apply a decimation modifier like we did on the previous page. Make the ratio as low as you want, and don’t worry about shading artifacts like dark areas too much, this will be fixed in the following steps.

  6. After applying the decimation modifier, press TAB to get back into edit mode.

  7. Press 2 (NOT on the numpad), make sure nothing is selected. This takes you to edge select mode.

  8. From the ‘Select’ menu (top left), choose ‘Select Sharp Edges’

  9. Make sure that all edges that should be rendered sharp are selected. If not, you can modify the ‘Sharpness’ threshold in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  10. Press CTRL + E and choose ‘Mark Sharp’

  11. Press A to select everything, then ALT + N and choose ‘Average -> Face Area’

  12. Press TAB to get back to object mode. The object should now look close to how it was from the beginning, but with much fewer triangles.

Reduce the number of materials

  1. Go into edit mode (press TAB)

  2. Go to the ‘Material Properties’ tab 

  3. Make sure nothing is selected

  4. Choose a material in the list (this one will be replaced by another similar material) and press the ‘Select’ button under the material list. All faces with that material should now be selected.

  5. Now choose the other material from the list and press ‘Assign’. The faces will now be assigned to the other material.

  6. The first material can now be removed. Go into Object mode again (press TAB), select the old material in the list and press the minus symbol ‘-’ to remove the material.

  7. We now have one material less, meaning one draw call less. If your object has several materials, repeat these steps for every material that you want to remove.