Interfaces describe how the component can be connected to other components or 3rd party software and hardware.


A picture should be used as a symbol if the component has any port. For commercial components it is recommended to search for the original symbol provided by the manufacturer. When original symbol is not available a generic symbol can be used.

The symbol allows using PNG or SGV asset files, but if possible use SVG images that will scale better. The size of the symbol has to be adjusted so it has the right proportions.

Symbol for a flow control valve with bypass


Port names should be set according to the symbol. Follow ISO standards or look at a similar commercial component if the created component is non-commercial (or dummy). Make sure that the port’s position (2D) and origin (3D) are correctly set to match the symbol and the geometry of the component.


Communication drivers

Drivers are used to communicating through the gateway. Make sure to connect driver variables from/to the behavior to handle the connection and variable update.