PLC tutorials 2-5: Automated systems


System descriptions

Each time you load one of the tutorial systems into the workspace, read its description, and download its assets. Among the assets, you will find the technical drawings and the IO List. Then navigate through the components in the tree and the scene to explore the system and get an overview. Then try to program the PLC to make the system automated.

List of systems:

  • PLC Tutorial 2: Automatic door

  • PLC Tutorial 3: Conveyor and Door

  • PLC Tutorial 4: Conveyors and pneumatics

  • PLC Tutorial 5: Turning conveyor

Product entry

Some systems include a product entry component, which allows the user to generate components during the emulation.

This component is highly customizable and a more in-depth look will be available in the Manual section. When the emulation is running, right-click this component and click on “Drop” in order to create a new item.