Programming Siemens Logo


Programming Siemens Logo

The Siemens Logo PLC is a perfect device to explore and try out PLC programming, and of course it can be connected to Simumatik! Learn how to connect the Siemens Logo to Simumatik through the gateway, and create a small program with logic gates in LOGO! Soft comfort. Watch the video and try for yourself. Some important steps are highlighted here below.



There are three variables in the Logo component that we need to adjust. 

input_address:  Where to write the inputs.

ip-address: The address of the logo on the local network. Should be on the same subnet as the computer running Simumatik.

output_address: Where to write the output.

The ip-address of the logo can be found under the network menu on the logo. Press Esc and choose Network -> ip-address, and press OK.

The program with the AND gate added.

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