This tutorial has introduced the Tutorial: RoboDK system in the Simumatik app, guided through the procedure to integrate Simumatik with RoboDK and described the exercise to run the Tutorial: RoboDK station. The participant should now be able to integrate the two softwares and utilize RoboDK in a Simumatik system.

Time to play!

Could you make program that instead puts the first three products on the second conveyor and the rest in the box?
See if you can figure it out!

Further studies

The next step would be to build your own system that uses a RoboDK controller. Check out the Tutorial Building a System to learn how to build a system in Simumatik, then try and make a station where you add the RoboDK controller and a robot that match in both the Simumatik app and RoboDK. To use the same ones used in this tutorial, the Components are called:

RoboDK controller


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to integrate a Simumatik system with RoboDK. Head over to our Community Forum to discuss system building, get inspiration or support!

Thank you!