Manage the subscription

Manage the subscription

When the organization is created your account will be the administrator of that organization so that you can add other users to the organization account and manage their individual access rights.

Every personal Simumatik account can be a member of one or more organizations. By working in an organization the personal account inherits all the features of the organizational subscription. All created systems and components created within an organization is shared between the organization members. The access rights however can be limited by the administrators of the organization.

All members that have the access role manager or administrator can access the administration panel. To see the panel press administration in the menu for the organization.

On the administration page, you can change the current organizational member’s access role and add new or remove members. All users are sorted into groups, which can be managed when adding members or by pressing Transfer.

Access roles

To change the access roles, open the drop-down menu for the user and select a category. These changes are automatically saved. The different categories are explained further down.


A user can be deleted by pressing the delete icon.

A user can be blocked by checking the blocked check box. Blocked means that a user can be temporarily removed, without having to re-invite the user.



This category makes it possible to create and edit components and systems. It does not make it possible to edit content created by another user.


This category makes it possible to delete content created by the user itself. It does not make it possible to delete content made by other users.


This category gives access to the administrator panel and lets the user add and remove a user from the organization and change a user’s access rights. It does not let the user change the category Administrator for itself or another user.


Activates the categories other roles by default. This property can only be changed by the owner of the organizational account or other users with administrational rights. The category gives the ability the edit and remove all content for the whole organization.

Add a user group

A group can be added by pressing the button Add Group. This makes it possible to sort the users in the organization by different categories, for example students or teachers.

Fill in the desired group name in the pop-up that shows, and press ok.

The new group is then shown in the administrator panel.

Invite users

Users with the access role Administrator or Manager can add other users to the organization by pressing the button Add members.

A pop-up dialog is shown. Fill in the group name for the user to be added. To create a new group, just enter the preferred group name. To select an existing group press the arrow to see a drop-down list with the available groups.
In the lower text field, a registered user can be added. If multiple users are to be added, they can be separated by commas.

If the added user does not have an account on the platform a pop-up is shown that allows sending an invitation for the user to register an account on the platform.

By pressing Invite users, another pop-up is shown that allows adding an additional message to the invitation. Add any information and press Send invitations.

By pressing the Pending invitations button on the administrator panel status can be shown for the invited user. The invitation can be removed by pressing the remove icon.

Change the organization logo

The administrator for an organization has the ability to change to logotype of the organization by pressing the button Change Logo.

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