Connecting to a networked PLCsim

Connect to a PLCSIM instance on the network.

This chapter goes through the steps required to connect Simumatik if the PLCSIM instance on another computer.

To connect PLCSIM to the net, the NetToPLCsim program is used. Start by going to and download the latest version (DOWNLOAD) to the computer that is to run PLCSIM.

NetToPLCsim will be downloaded in a compressed (.zip) folder. Start by unpacking it, then go into the subfolder bin, right-click on the NetToPLCsim application and choose to run as administrator.

If a warning box now appears with the message “Port 102 is in use!”, Then click Yes to continue.

Now the text “Port 102 OK” should be at the bottom left.

In TIA Portal, it is now time to start PLCSIM, click on the Start simulation button.

A “Download to device” box will appear. Click Start search first, and then Load.

The next step is to go back to NetToPLCsim and click Add.

In the “Station” window, we start by selecting the correct “Network IP Address” by pressing the top three-point button and selecting the card from the list. Then click on the lower button with three dots. The PLCSIM instance should appear.

Click OK in the right pane and then select 0 / 1 in the drop-down menus (according to the instructions at the bottom of the pane).

The result should look like the image below. Click Start Server.

Settings in Simumatik

Load a system to the Simumatik Workspace, or create a new system, that contains a PLC component, either one of the generic types (such as PLC 8DIO, PLC 16DIO 4AIO and PLC Rack Logic Module Generic) or one that is predefined for Siemens (such as s1200 controller).

Click on the PLC component in Simumatik, select the s7protocol as driver_type in the variables pane and make sure that the setup_params includes the correct IP address (the one defined as “Network Address” in NetToPLCsim), rack and slot for the PLC.

Rack and slot

Select according to PLC type:

  • S7-300: Rack 0, slot 2
  • S7-400: Rack 0, slot 2 or from HWConfig
  • S7-1200/S71500: Rack 0, slot 1