This course will guide you on how to connect Simumatik to Siemens TIA Portal. There are a couple of different ways to connect by using different communication protocols, which are best suited depending on multiple factors. Available communication drivers are:

    • S7 Protocol. Using put/get technology and Iso_On_TCP, the fastest protocol for a physical PLC or PLC Sim advanced in a local network.
    • PLCsim. Great to use if no physical PLC or PLC Sim Advanced is available. Might have issues regarding Scan cycle time due to limitations in PLC Sim.
    • OPCUA_Client. Industrial standard communications protocol.

The different communication protocols is selectable in the standard PLC components in Simumatik.

In the following chapters the configuration for different drivers is explained. S7_Protocol and PLC Sim needs the same TIA Portal configuration and is therefore described together in the chapter Siemens PLCs with S7Protocol or PLCsim. OPC_UA however needs separate configurations and is described in the chapter Siemens PLCs with OPC UA.