IoT Coffee Machine Challenge

IoT Challenge – Use your creativity to create Coffee

Participants are welcome to join this challenge to program an IoT Coffee machine using any code of their choice which supports MQTT communication. IoT coffee machine is pre-configured with MQTT Topics to control the machine.

Use your creativity to win an amazon voucher worth 50€, Arduino kit, and Simumatik license worth 75€.

The following are the details for the challenge:

  • The IoT Machine should only be programmed via MQTT and no other drivers should be allowed to use in this challenge

  • The participants can use any software/hardware platform of their choice to control the IoT Coffee machine not limited to PLC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node-RED, Revolution Pi, PLCnext, Siemens PLC or 3rd party MQTT brokers

  • The participants can be creative to use the buttons on the IoT coffee machine however they want and further create a dashboard or any visual app to order the coffee. Example: A dashboard where the participants can enter the quantity of coffee required – small, medium and large etc. Or a real-time feedback can be shown via visual elements about the status of the coffee

  • Your whole project must be documented and submitted along with challenge submission. The documentation should include most importantly:

    • The details of software/hardware platform used

    • Your code with comments

    • Your challenges and experience

Can I participate in this challenge if I do not know about IoT?

Yes, for beginners we have created an IoT course that you can join for free and learn basic fundamentals of IoT. You can sign up for the course here:  IoT Coffee Machine.

Challenge duration:

The challenge starts March 15, 2022, and ends on April 15, 2022. The winner will
be announced on April 15, 2022.


The winner will be decided based on the creativity, code, and activeness throughout the challenge. The winner will get an Amazon voucher worth 50€, an extended three months license of Simumatik, and an Arduino kit.

Challenge terms and conditions:

  • Simumatik will use your posts on social media with the Simumatik Logo, company description, statement, and link to your profile.

  • Participants should promote the posts related to the challenge on their social media and it is mandatory to tag ‘Simumatik’. It is important to add the following hashtags to your posts:

    • #simumatik #iotcoffeechallenge #digitaltwin

  • Participants are allowed to use the Simumatik Logo on their posts. The participants do not have the right to:

    • Alter the proportion or color combination of the logo

    • Translate the logo in another language

    • Use the logo in other posts than the IoT challenge