Simumatik Virtual Lab Challenge

Virtual Lab Challenge – Use your creativity to build a virtual lab

Participants are welcome to join this challenge to build a mechatronics virtual lab using the Simumatik platform.

The winner will receive a one-year educational subscription worth 3000€.

The following are the details for the challenge:

  • The virtual lab should be a representation of the real lab equipment of your school or university. If you do not have real lab equipment to digitize, you can also create a system with your own innovative idea.

  • The system you create should have a connection to existing or under development course or courses.

  • Participants will follow the Academy learning path: Build your own virtual lab, and use the techniques described there to create their own system.

  • The participants can use the Simumatik libraries with existing components to build their system or they can create their own components.

  • You can participate on your own or together with other teachers/students. The team can consist of both teachers and students, every team should have a teacher as group leader.

  • Your whole project must be documented and included with the challenge submission. The project should include most importantly:

    • Screen recorded video showing the system and its functionality. (You can use OBS as a software to record your screen)

    • A description of how the system will be used to support the learning outcomes of your course or courses.

    • In case the system is automated, include the details of which software/hardware platform is used to control it.

    • Your challenges and experience

  • For submitting the result, we will share a new form with all participants.

How can I get support while doing the challenge?

Once accepted to the challenge, Simumatik will reach out to each team to arrange an individual kick-off meeting.

During the challenge, participants will get support through our community forum, Simumatik Academy, specific webinars, and weekly online tutoring.

Can I participate in this challenge if I am beginner?

Yes, for beginners we have created the learning path Build your own virtual lab that you can join for free and learn the fundamentals of building a virtual lab.

How to participate?

You can participate by signing up using the signup button below. After signing up, you can start immediately and use your 30 days trial access. If you have already used your Simumatik access, you will be given a license that will be valid until the challenge ends.


Challenge duration:

The challenge ends on July 18, 2022. The winner will be announced on July 22, 2022.


The winner will be decided based on the creativity, pedagogic connection to courses, and activeness throughout the challenge. The winner will receive a one-year educational subscription worth 3000€. All participants submitting their results will receive a 20% discount for a one-year educational subscription.

Challenge terms and conditions:

  • Simumatik will use your posts on social media with the Simumatik Logo, company description, statement, and link to your profile.

  • Participants should promote the posts related to the challenge on their social media and it is mandatory to tag ‘Simumatik’. It is important to add the following hashtags to your posts:

    • #simumatik #virtuallabchallenge #digitaltwin

  • Participants are allowed to use the Simumatik Logo on their posts. The participants do not have the right to:

    • Alter the proportion or color combination of the logo

    • Translate the logo in another language

    • Use the logo in other posts than the IoT challenge